Saudi Arabia to waive fees on expats working in the industrial sector from Oct 1st

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According to a recent Reuters article there is some relief in sight for companies hiring expat workers. As mentioned in our Saudi Employment Overview there has been a steady increase in fees in recent years in an effort to enforce Saudisation initiatives which aim to drive increased employment of Saudi citizens within the private sector. The announcement is that Saudi will waive such fees on expat workers in the industrial sector for 5 years beginning October 1st 2019. “The government will bear the cost of fees for expatriate workers on behalf of licensed industrial institutions as of October 1, 2019, for five years,” said the cabinet statement. In spring last year, King Salman approved refunds of some of these fees for companies struggling to cope with the increased costs but only where the number of Saudi citizens employed by them equalled or exceeded the number of expat employees.

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