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Are domestic staff such as maids/drivers due an end of service gratuity?

Article 7(C) of the Saudi Labour Law states that domestic staff are not covered by the Labour Law’s provisions.

However, they are instead covered by the Decision of the Council of Ministers No. (310) dated 7/9/1434 which provides for end of service gratuity reward under Article 16, amounting to 1 month’s salary for every 4 years of consecutive employment.

Who designed this calculator, is it accurate?

This calculator was coded and compiled by, the legal interpretations were done by staff with advanced post graduate UK legal qualifications in international law at LLM level and above.

The reports do not constitute legal advice or hold any warranty as to their accuracy, they are simply a preliminary guide and any disputes between employers and employees should be taken to the relevant authorities for official clarification. Having said that we try our very best to have accurate up-to-date interpretations and to explain how they arise. If you think you have spotted an error please email eos(at)

The Arabic language of the laws and regulations prevails for all legal interpretations and while we have used official English translations where possible, other translations have been computer aided and are only for general guidance.

Are women treated differently to men for their end of service reward?

There are certain provisions in the Labour Law which are only applicable to women, which is why you may be asked to identify as male or female when completing the questions for your report. In particular this includes a full end of service reward being awarded to women who resign within 6 months of the date of their marriage or within 3 months from the date of giving birth, you can see this in Article 87.


What’s the retirement age in Saudi?

According to the amended Article 74(4) of the Labour Law:

4. Retirement age – sixty years for male workers and fifty-five years for women workers – unless the parties agree to continue working after this age. The retirement age may be reduced in cases of early retirement provided for in the Labor Organization Regulation. If the contract of employment is fixed-term, and its duration extends beyond the retirement age, the contract terminates at the end of its term.

Article 74: Paragraph (4) of Article 74 has been amended by Royal Decree No. (M/46) dated 5/6/1436 AH, and further amendments have been made to the same article by Royal Decree No. (M/134) dated 27/11/1440 AH, to be as follows: ‘Upon the worker reaching the retirement age as determined by the provisions of the Social Insurance System, unless both parties agree to continue working after this age.’”

I don’t see my question, is there someone I can contact?

This calculator is proving very popular and while many people have unique situations we do try to answer queries where time permits but we don’t offer legal advice.

We are also interested to hear if you have had a problem with the calculator or think you have spotted an error, be it a spelling mistake or an interpretation, for all enquiries in this regard please email eos(at)


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